Circklo’s Business Configurator is a 12-module programme. The programme combines online sessions with video lectures, live sessions with interactive activities and assignments to enable high impact learning for start-up entrepreneurs.

Common Path

Module 1 – Understand your role in the Innovation Economy

Module 2 – Develop your business model for the circular economy

Module 3  Define your brand purpose for impact investment

Module 4 – Find your place in business ecosystems driven by tech innovation

Module 5 – Case studies / industry analysis

Module 6 – Develop your stakeholder mapping and make a risk assessment


Investment Journey

Module 7 – Understand the types of investment and investment processes

Module 8 – Select your target list of investors

Module 9 – Structure your pitch deck narrative

Module 10 – Structure your financial model

Module 11 – Develop your investor pitch deck

Module 12 – Pitch to investors

Go to Market Journey

Module 7 – Develop your product roadmap

Module 8 – Create your target list of clients

Module 9 – Structure a partnership (B2B) / loyalty (B2C) programme 

Module 10 – Structure a 'go to market' plan based on user journeys

Module 11 – Develop your customer pitch deck

Module 12 – Pitch to prospective customers


The Experience

  1. Video lectures
  2. Live group coaching calls
  3. Dragons’ Guild Day for networking with investors
  4. Group call for networking with all mentors and prospects
  5. Interactive activities with design thinking and foresight analysis tools
  6. Dedicated coaching team and mentors for 1-1 interactions
  7. Exclusive support material from the Circklo’s Innovation Lab
  8. Community membership on Slack

Who should attend?

Circklo’s Business Configurator allows executives from tech start-ups to build a solid foundational knowledge in 'go to market' techniques and approaches, while raising seed or series A rounds.

It is particularly relevant for the following roles:

  • Founder / Co-founder
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Finance / Investment Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Managing Partner

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