Venture capitalists Begin Capital join Circklo’s Business Configurator Academy

Words by Circklo team in News

Not many venture capitalists (VCs) can claim that, in addition to offering funding of up to £3 million to various start-ups, “we see our mission as sharing knowledge and experience with our portfolio companies. And if our expertise is not enough, we'll find the best experts to help”. This unique collaborative ethos is what makes Begin Capital a perfect VC partner for Circklo’s Business Configurator Academy.

To date, Begin Capital has invested in over 10 start-ups, and supported them with seed funding totaling £8 million. Their investment portfolio ranges from artificial intelligence and B2B SaaS to retail tech and food tech.

I find Alex and Ruslan, the brain power behind Begin Capital, fascinating: they understand so well the link between circularity, sustainability, profit and digital technologies, that our partnership feels more than right: it feels natural. In their own words, we are all looking for the next “pirates, winners and robots”” said Maria Morais, Circklo’s co-founder.

Circklo’s Business Configurator Academy will kick-off on the 29th of March 2021 and, at the end of an intensive 12-week programme, all the start-ups that will have attended the Academy will have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of investors and industry experts leading sustainable digital innovation initiatives – and Begin Capital will be there to invest in the best and the brightest.

Unique ideas are capable of disrupting markets. But we prefer to treat all ideas as hypotheses. And we only invest in hypotheses that are tested and translatable into numbers. Numbers help us make informative and responsible investment decisions” said Alex Menn, Partner at Begin Capital.


Set up in London in 2020, Circklo created the first Business Configurator in the world specialised in digital start-ups for the circular economy.

Circklo’s main expertise is in developing seed stage start-ups in the sustainability area.

Circklo offers start-ups both the opportunity to raise capital and accelerate their business and, also, to configure their business in such a way that purpose and profit can successfully coexist and complement each other in the 21st century digital world, fully using and embracing the principles of circular economy.

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UK-based VC fund that backs sharp entrepreneurs.

Managing partners Alex Menn and Ruslan Sarkisyan have 12+ years of investment experience, and participated in deals with total value exceeding £3.5 billion.

Alex and Ruslan helped startups to raise £250 million + in follow-on capital.

Statistically, 0.015% of their website visitors get funding.