Co-Founder of UN SDG Ambition and member of WEF Advisory Network on climate joins Circklo’s Business Configurator Academy

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Ann Rosenberg is shaping the world of business, technology, and sustainability for generations to come, and her work with and commitment to the United Nations’ Global Compact Programme and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) continue to underpin an illustrious international career.

Joining Circklo’s Business Configurator Academy as its first female mentor, Ms Rosenberg argued that “Circklo’s proposition to start-ups across the world is clear: purpose, profit, digital technologies and circular economy can co-exist, can make a difference, and can be sustainable. Therefore, I am really looking forward to meeting start-ups which are ready to take bold action to redefine conventional business models.

Circklo's Configurator Academy is a fixed term, mentorship-driven programme dedicated to start-ups aiming to succeed in sustainable digital innovation.

Circklo is looking to accelerate start-ups for profit and impact in the areas of:

  • Sustainable Food and Beverage companies;
  • Sustainable Fashion companies;
  • Recycling and reuse of resources (i.e., plastic, metals etc.);
  • Non-financial metrics calculators, and track and trace platforms;
  • Financial technology (Fintech).

Circklo works intensively with individual teams for 12 weeks, ensuring these are supported to create a refined business plan.

Each 12-week cycle culminates in a Dragons' Guild Day, when the teams which have attended the programme will be presenting their business plan to a carefully selected, invite-only audience of investors and industry experts, the goal being that of seeking investment funding for their business idea, and/or a way to validate their idea with a real case scenario.

Ann is a true role model for women, for the young generation and for all those individuals who are not sure whether they can really change the world – she has and continues to do so. I am so pleased to have her as a mentor to our Academy, and to know that she will be inspiring the start-ups coming through our Business Configurator to push the boundaries of what’s considered possible, acceptable, and suitable” said Maria Morais, Circklo’s Co-founder.


Set up in London in 2020, Circklo created the first Business Configurator in the world specialised in digital start-ups for the circular economy. Circklo’s main expertise is in developing seed stage start-ups in the sustainability area.

Circklo offers start-ups both the opportunity to raise capital and accelerate their business and, also, to configure their business in such a way that purpose and profit can successfully coexist and complement each other in the 21st century digital world, fully using and embracing the principles of circular economy.

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Ann holds numerous advisory positions with the World Economic Forum, United Nations, Global Education and Leadership Foundation, and many other international organisations.

Ann is also the Senior Vice President for Sustainable Development at Wood plc.

For more information on Ann’s career and global recognition, please visit


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