Charles Nicholls, Founder & Trustee of The Carbon Community, joins Circklo’s Business Configurator

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Charles Nicholls is the Founder and Trustee of the only UK charity funding large scale field trials on carbon sequestration in trees and soil – The Carbon Community. Nicholls is the latest mentor to join Circklo’s Business Configurator Academy.

With an international executive career in IT, tech and digital technologies spanning almost 25 years, Charles is an entrepreneur and software executive specializing in eCommerce, marketing, and AI/Machine learning.

I’m really excited to join Circklo’s Business Academy as a mentor; what we need today is an entire suite of disrupters and game changers across the value chain of our capital markets – individuals who are not afraid to challenge and disrupt the status-quo and bring profit and purpose under the sustainability umbrella” said Nicholls.

Maria Morais, Circklo’s Co-founder, said: “Charles knows too well that climate science relies heavily on building predictive models which estimate the future impact of changes to the climate on us all. Having him as a mentor – given his unique digital and sustainability expertise and background – will create a fantastic opportunity for all our candidates to understand the viability of their business models and how the data they are using can inform their business cases.”

Circklo's Configurator Academy is a fixed term, mentorship-driven programme dedicated to start-ups aiming to succeed in sustainable digital innovation.

Circklo is looking to accelerate start-ups for profit and impact in the areas of:

  • Sustainable Food and Beverage companies;
  • Sustainable Fashion companies;
  • Recycling and reuse of resources (i.e., plastic, metals etc.);
  • Non-financial metrics calculators, and track and trace platforms;
  • Financial technology (Fintech).

Circklo works intensively with individual teams for 12 weeks, ensuring these are supported to create a refined business plan.

Each 12-week cycle culminates in a Dragons' Guild Day, when the teams which have attended the programme will be presenting their business plan to a carefully selected, invite-only audience of investors and industry experts, the goal being that of seeking investment funding for their business idea, and/or a way to validate their idea with a real case scenario.


Set up in London in 2020, Circklo created the first Business Configurator in the world specialised in digital start-ups for the circular economy. Circklo’s main expertise is in developing seed stage start-ups in the sustainability area.

Circklo offers start-ups both the opportunity to raise capital and accelerate their business and, also, to configure their business in such a way that purpose and profit can successfully coexist and complement each other in the 21st century digital world, fully using and embracing the principles of circular economy.

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The Carbon Community is a UK Registered Charity, and its objectives are:

  1. to conserve, improve and protect the physical and natural environment for the public benefit.
  2. to advance the education of the public in the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment, in particular but not exclusively in relation to forestation as a means of carbon sequestration, and to promote study and research in such subjects and dissemination of the results of such research and study to the public.


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