The recycling market is worth more than USD 60 billion

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By 2025, the recycled plastics global market alone is set to reach a whopping USD 66.9 billion, according to The Recycled Plastic Market: Global Analysis and Trends. If we add to this figure that of the recycled metal market - which is predicted to reach USD $434.55 billion by 2023 – and that of the recycled paper - predicted to reach $5.42 billion in 2024 – then we are looking at a global industry with a value of almost half a trillion USD by 2025.

This is why, in the view of Sandeep Nalgundwar, one of Circklo’s Business Academy mentors and Executive Vice President at Knack Systems, “when it comes to industrial goods, we see the entire circular economy concept being applied to service and after-market service concepts.”

There is a significant amount of investor interest attracted by businesses and start-ups operating in the circular economy space, both in terms of sustainability and digital technologies.

Reuse and optimisation of resource may appear to be different as industry and revenue stream, however they both prove the relevance of the circularity concept: waste has a value attached to it, waste can generate revenues and, by the same token, optimisation of any process / product / service reduces costs which allow many enterprises to unlock investment capital and use it for further growth and development.

At Circklo’s Business Configurator Academy, we understand the importance of allowing entrepreneurs to create and generate circular economy solutions that benefit not just them and their investors, but the society overall. Circklo’s unique business proposition in the sustainable start-up space is that the founders choose their investors and not the other way round. Circklo’s Business Configurator Academy has 18 mentors, 5 business coaches, 3 angel investors, 2 venture capitalists and 2 private equity fund managers heavily involved with its programme.

Nalgundwar is a perfect addition to our pool of mentors for our start-up cohorts because the digital space he operates in creates value and sees gaps as opportunities waiting to be grabbed by bold and maverick entrepreneurs.

Circklo's Business Configurator Academy is a fixed term, mentorship-driven programme dedicated to start-ups and SMEs aiming to succeed in sustainable digital innovation.

Circklo accelerates start-ups for profit and impact in the areas of:

  • Sustainable food and beverage companies;
  • Sustainable fashion companies;
  • Recycling and reuse of resources (i.e., plastic, metals etc.);
  • Non-financial metrics calculators, and track and trace platforms;
  • Financial technology (fintech).

Circklo’s mentors and coaches work intensively with all individual teams for 12 weeks, ensuring these are supported to create a refined business plan.

Each 12-week cycle culminates in a Dragons' Guild Day, where the teams which have attended the programme present their business plan to a carefully selected, invite-only panel of investors.

The applications for July 2021 cohort are now open, and we look forward to receiving your application! If you qualify to take part in our programme, we would be delighted to meet you in July!


Set up in London in 2020, Circklo created the first Business Configurator in the world specialised in digital start-ups for the circular economy.

Circklo’s main expertise is in developing seed stage start-ups in the sustainability area.

Circklo offers start-ups both the opportunity to raise capital and accelerate their business and, also, to configure their business in such a way that purpose and profit can successfully coexist and complement each other in the 21st century digital world, fully using and embracing the principles of circular economy.

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