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Which organisations are taking clear steps to become more sustainable? Which areas of the global industry are seeing faster and higher levels of sustainability compared to others?



Circklo Sustainability Index (CSI)

Our aim with the annual CSI is to provide a useful tool to help benchmark business sustainability against the performance of the largest companies in the world. This report is focused on consumer industries as we believe this is a sector of the utmost importance for the circular transformation business case. 

The Circklo Sustainability Quadrant 2020 is the summary of our CSI findings and is available for free. It shows in a pictorial format the top 10 companies that made our quadrant this year.


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How did we classify the companies? 

    • The highest-ranking companies are Circklo’s Game Changers. They tend to score highly in all three dimensions and are the leaders in sustainability. Rather surprisingly, only one company deserved the label of Game Changer 2020.
    • One step below are Circklo’s Change Champions, which tend to have a clear sustainability strategy and good execution but have a gap to fill in one of the three dimensions that form the index. Five companies made it into the Change Champions 2020.
    • Lastly, Circklo’s Challengers, a broad category ranging from companies that have developed a sustainability strategy but are behind in terms of execution (a handful of which are very close to the Change Champions category) down to the ones that have yet to formulate a sustainability strategy.




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Our methodology can be used to score companies of any size. If you are interested in having your company benchmarked for sustainability compliance  send us a note to 

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