Frequently Asked Questions

What's the application process?

Tell us about your start-up by completing our online form here.

After receiving your application, we will schedule a call to discuss your business goals. On that call, we will discuss your career history and what you would like to achieve if accepted in Circklo’s Business Configurator.

Do I need any specific experience to apply?

We recommend having a business or software development degree, and two years of professional experience, and/or running your business to join the programme. The most important thing is motivation and a passion to lead a business with purpose. You can discuss any questions you may have about this during this during your admission call.

Is there a deadline to apply?

The registrations for our Academy are always open but, during your admission call, please confirm which cohort you can join as that may have implications in the ideal starting date for you to enrol.

What are the funding opportunities?

Upon successful completion of a Circklo Business Configurator, you will be introduced to investors and industry experts for a round of seed funding at the Dragons’ Guild day.

Our carefully selected VCs are as diverse as our candidate teams are: they have invested in start-ups ranging from retail digitalisation to carbon emission reduction, and from process optimisation to artificial intelligence. Their funding flexibility makes our VCs exceptionally attractive to ambitious, digitally driven and ambitious start-ups – our VCs’ seed funding offers can range from £100,000 to £3,000,000.

You must have at least 10% equity in the startup to be considered for seed funding with most investors. 

Circklo’s Business Configurator has a fixed fee to participate and it does not require equity from your business to introduce you to investors and/or provide you with prototype opportunities. 

How much does the programme cost?

The programme, including the full access to the Innovation Lab for 1 year, costs £1980 + VAT. If you do not have university or corporate sponsorship, we offer the possibility to pay in two instalments.

Do you offer any kind of assistance after the programme?

Yes, we do. Once you have finalised the programme, you will be invited to pitch on a Dragons’ Guild Day for a round of seed funding, and/or prototyping opportunities. You will also have access to Circklo’s Innovation Lab for an entire year. After your pitch, you will become a member of Circklo’s Gamechangers alumni with exclusive access to events designed to continuously help you in your journey.

What happens if, after finalising the programme, I don’t feel ready to do my pitch?

If you need more time in order to perfect your ‘go to market’ plan and/or pitch, you will be eligible to attend the next academy pitch day at no extra cost.

Who will I be doing the programme with?

You’ll be doing the programme alongside a small group of like-minded professionals with ambitions to lead the change they want to see in the world. We curate each cohort to make sure everyone on the programme can learn from and add value to each other.