Circklo Talking Tech

Join us as we unpack and define the hidden and key role digital acceleration plays in driving growth and purpose for consumer industries tackling sustainability. 

The csuite podcast, episode 112

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Marco D’Attanasio, Circklo’s co-founder, unpacks the key finding of Circklo’s 2020 Sustainability Index.

We also hear from Natasha Franck, Founder and CEO of Eon, an IoT platform that has the aim to power connected products and circular commerce, plus Laz Tyrekidis, Founder & CEO of luxury menswear brand, Aristocracy London, talks about their body measurement app and the impact it could have in terms of sustainability.

The csuite podcast, episode 111

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Sponsored by SAP UK, this podcast discusses how digital acceleration is driving sustainable fashion and beauty, with a panel of four experts including Circklo’s co-founder Maria Morais.

Joining Maria are also Anne-Christine Polet, who is leading the Digital Venture arm for PVH Europe, with start-ups HATCH and STITCH;  Joanna Jensen, founder and Chair of Child's Farm; Gemma Carver, Global CX Advisor for Retail, SAP; Kev McFadyen, Brand Director, Berghaus, Pentland Brands.

"The fashion industry alone is worth more than 2.5 trillion dollars. But across the full life cycle of clothing, we know that the annual footprint is something spectacular, like 3.3billion tonnes of CO2. So, something needs to happen with product lifecycle in order to meet the 2030 targets. This is  rapidly becoming mandatory for brands that aim to compete in a market where consumers are better informed than ever before. And that's where digitalization plays a huge role."
Maria Morais