Accelerating purpose and profit in business

Circklo created the first Business Configurator in the world specialised in digital start-ups for the circular economy.

We believe that sustainable businesses will provide a thriving economic, social and environmental ecosystem for a healthy planet. By bringing together the corporate world and innovative start-ups to collaborate for a lasting positive change and to reach their full potential, we help accelerate the world towards a circular economy.

How do we do it? 

Our Game Changers community offers a safe, highly professional, private and exclusive space for collaboration, support, advice, and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders, with a focus on digital transformation and sustainability. Find out more

This community exists alongside Circklo’s Business Configurator - Our programmes offer start-ups exposure to the issues they will face during a venture capital financing, as well as to potential situations these will deal with after raising capital, including 1-to-1 mentorship, coaching and role-playing.

Circklo is the trusted advisor of hundreds of global start-ups when it comes to their pitch readiness, networking with investors and decision makers, term sheets negotiation, start-up valuation and cap tables for fundraising scenarios. Find out more

Underpinning this, Circklo’s R&D team provides insight, use-case research, and foresight analysis for strategic direction, ensuring any corporate efforts targeting sustainable actions are clear and impactful.

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