Making digital companies sustainable

Set up in London in 2020, Circklo created the first Business Configurator in the world specialised in digital start-ups for the circular economy.

Circklo’s main expertise is in developing seed stage start-ups in the sustainability area. It offers start-ups both the opportunity to raise capital and accelerate their business and, also, to configure their business in such a way that purpose and profit can successfully coexist and complement each other in the 21st century digital world, fully using and embracing the principles of circular economy.

Why Circklo? 

Circklo was created to bring a solution for start-up founders that do not want to change their vision to adapt to the mindsets or impositions of investors.

In our Business Configurator Academy, it is the founders who choose their investors and not the other way round.

 Our Academy is solely dedicated to the mavericks, misfits, innovators, and ceiling breakers of the 21st century technology and science: it is a safe space for those start-up and SMEs founders who know they have more than just potential, they have the mindset to succeed.

 Our Configurator programme is highly personalised and practical, and it is not for the faint-hearted: it is not a race to the finish line, it is a marathon.

 While we cater for many businesses and industries, we are only open to very few: those who are fearless, who are not afraid to change the status quo, who push the boundaries of what is possible and acceptable, and those who understand that science and technology are the foundation of progress and business success.

 If you fit this profile, we are ready for you.


Maria Morais

A Master’s level educated executive, Maria brings to Circklo a career spanning over 15 years in digital networks and platforms, having held leadership roles with both IBM and SAP.

Specialising in digital technologies, revolutionary technical design systems and customer interface platforms, Maria knows what it takes to develop sustainable business propositions to meet the high demands of circular economy.


Marco D'Attanasio

A PhD level educated executive, Marco has been working in the private equity and investment sector for over 25 years, including having been the Managing Director at the Royal Bank of Canada.

Marco’s investment portfolio mostly spans blockchain and digital companies given his unparalleled insights into the sustainability needed to achieve growth and profit in the 21st century global economy.


Giuseppe Di Cecio

A PhD level educated executive, Giuseppe’s career in private equity and portfolio investments spans over 25 years, spent in executive leadership positions in multinational investment banks and financial services, including being an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs.

Fully aware that the businesses of the future need to demonstrate sustainability and purpose as much as profit, Giuseppe’s strong focus is on innovative start-ups which meet all criteria to succeed in a circular economy.

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