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  • Circklo

    “Circklo's programme enabled us to ask the right questions. It gave us access to great resources, a network of amazing mentors and experts and gave us the ability to reach another level of awareness in managing our startup.”

    CEO & Founder, Greenflea

  • Circklo

    “Circklo helped us develop a strong growth strategy and prepared us to stand in front of investors. Through the programme we met other great innovators and mentors.”

    CEO, Made2Flow

  • Circklo

    “We have learned a lot, changed the way we are working and we are still using a lot of the tools that were provided for us. The programme was challenging at times but very rewarding.”

    CPO and Co-Founder, Nozama

  • Circklo

    “Circklo provides us with such unparalleled support that makes us feel more confident and ready to go for it! We feel lucky and grateful for being part of this programme and can't recommend it enough.”

    Founder & Director, TheHIVE

  • Circklo

    “The Circklo Configurator has transformed our business approach beyond recognition. The course takes a no nonsense, commercially focused approach... just what we needed to get us 100% investment ready. Highly recommended.”

    Founder, Leasabl

  • Circklo

    “With Circklo I took my knowledge to the next level through the excellent mentors and coaches. Highly recommended.”

    Founder, YouSea

Circklo accelerates seed stage start-ups with a focus on sustainability.
We offer fundraising opportunities and configure start-ups for purpose and profit, embracing the principles of a circular economy, to help entrepreneurs succeed in the 21st century digital world.

Some of the reasons why you should join our Business Configurator Academy:

  Bespoke 12-week programme, with biweekly live online coaching, training, networking and support

   1-1 meetings with entrepreneurs, industry experts, angel investors, VCs and private equity fund managers, many of whom are also Academy mentors

   Full access to our Innovation Lab, ideation spaces and foresight analysis tools 

   Pitching your business before a panel of investors and industry leaders at the forefront of sustainable digital initiatives


The journey to start up your business

The first steps

Validate your business concept/product in the market

Execution roadmap

All hands on deck for the last sprint. Get back to your original idea but with a different perspective on it

Ready to start up?

You validated you can solve a problem for someone who wants to pay for the solution to that problem

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