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    “Circklo helped us develop a strong growth strategy and prepared us to stand in front of investors. Through the programme we met other great innovators and mentors.”

    CEO, Made2Flow

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    “We have learned a lot, changed the way we are working and we are still using a lot of the tools that were provided for us. The programme was challenging at times but very rewarding.”

    CPO and Co-Founder, Nozama

  • Circklo

    “Circklo provides us with such unparalleled support that makes us feel more confident and ready to go for it! We feel lucky and grateful for being part of this programme and can't recommend it enough.”

    Founder & Director, TheHIVE

  • Circklo

    “The Circklo Configurator has transformed our business approach beyond recognition. The course takes a no nonsense, commercially focused approach... just what we needed to get us 100% investment ready. Highly recommended.”

    Founder, Leasabl

  • Circklo

    “With Circklo I took my knowledge to the next level through the excellent mentors and coaches. Highly recommended.”

    Founder, YouSea


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Raise capital for your next round with the support of our team. 

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Circklo's business configurator programme was designed to give you exposure to the issues you will face during a venture capital financing along with some issues you will deal with after raising capital. 

We are the trusted advisors of hundreds of start-ups for pitch readiness, networking with investors and decision makers, term sheets negotiation, start-up valuation and cap tables for fundraising scenarios.

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