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    “It is a very different experience to work with you, guys, because not only you have the ability to connect with us, founders - which shows a lot of empathy - but, also, you demonstrate abilities usually only available to really senior staff - people who really know what they're doing.”

    Ed Nunes

    CEO, Kendir Studios

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    “In Circklo, I found a team of extremely experienced and knowledgeable people who know everything you need to know about fundraising – what an investor needs and how to be prepared for whenever you need them. And I definitely recommend them!”


    CEO, Sustainable Brand Platform

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    “I’ve been very much impressed with how complete the team at Circklo is. You cover really all the aspects, especially for the first-time founder. As an acceleration platform, I think it's one of the best of its kind. ”


    CEO, Wisepath

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    “As the CEO of a start-up, we frequently find ourselves in a place where there is a lack of resources. So, since we contacted Circklo, we received all the support we asked for. Without Circklo, it probably wouldn't have been possible to accomplish some of our goals during this journey of getting some new investment.”


    CEO, Logical Saftey

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    “The experience that I've been going through with Circklo has been really great. I think there's a lot of value to be added to start-ups like ours in the stage that we are in. It's definitely been an amazing experience so far. And we are quite confident that, with Circklo’s support, we will be better in the future.”

    Pedro Santos

    CEO, White Stamp

  • Circklo

    “What we lacked going into the journey of fundraising is that we didn't have the necessary guidance, i.e. how that is supposed to look like - valuation and the preparation around financial projections. The first thing Circklo did was to give us a structure to make sure that we have the right expectations in terms of ‘how to’ roadmap that journey.”


    CEO, Twiva


We help you cut the noise and scale up!


Understanding what type of VC is right for you depends on much more than a simple introduction. 

While there are many VC funds out there, not all of them may:

- be ready to invest in your start-up,

- have sufficient money left in a fund to allocate to your funding round

- have enough time left in the ‘life’ of the fund.

What do these all mean for you?

It means that unless you have access to a multitude of databases and data points, and know what data to interrogate, it can be an extremely complex and time-consuming process to fundraise whilst trying to build up a business...

This is why we have launched the business configurator.

It takes less than 5 minutes to fill the 'fundraising profile assessment'.

Once we receive your profile, we'll get back to you to schedule a call to discuss how our network of more than 4000 investors can help.

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