Our next Business Configurator Academy starts in July 2021.

Circklo's Configurator Academy is a fixed term, mentorship-driven programme dedicated to start ups aiming to succeed in sustainable digital innovation.

We are looking to accelerate start ups for profit and impact in the areas of:

  • Sustainable Food and Beverage companies;
  • Sustainable Fashion companies;
  • Recycling and reuse of resources (i.e. plastic, metals etc.);
  • Non-financial metrics calculators and track and trace platforms;
  • Financial technology (Fintech).

We work intensively with individual teams for 12 weeks, ensuring we help them create a refined business plan. Each 12-week cycle culminates in a Dragons' Guild Day, when the teams which have attended the programme will be presenting their business plan to a carefully selected, invite-only audience of investors and industry experts, the ultimate goal being that of seeking investment funding for their business idea, and/or a way to validate their idea with a real case scenario.


1 Year full access to
Circklo's Innovation Lab 

12 weeks Intensive Configurator Programme

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For the duration of the Business Configurator Programme you and your team (max. 4 members) will get:

   12 weeks working  with Circklo business mentors 

 Dedicated team page for ideation, rapid prototyping and foresight analysis 

   Team sessions with a Circklo business coach

   A 'Dragons' Guild pitch to a panel of investors and industry experts leading sustainable digital innovation initiatives


Innovation Lab

You will have exclusive access to our research and reports defining the current state of play in sustainability and digital transformation within key commercial sectors.

Get full access to our foresight analysis tool with a unique repository of information on more than 500 future phenomena managed by an expert team of futurists. Discover competitive opportunities and gauge the impact new developments and trends could have on your business plan. 

Foresight Tool
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Seed Funding

Upon successful completion of a Circklo Business Accelerator Academy, Circklo will introduce you to investors and industry experts for a round of seed funding. 

You must have at least 10% equity in the startup to be considered for seed funding with most investors.

Circklo's accelerator has a fixed fee to participate and it does not require equity from your business to introduce you to investors and/or prototype opportunities. 


You'll also have access to:


Hear first-hand from industry experts at our live events designed specifically for entrepreneurs in sustainability transformation including the TEDxMoorgate annual conference.

Community network

Be part of an active network of sustainability experts, business leaders, digital innovators, and entrepreneurs looking to share their experiences, knowledge and big ideas.

Research groups

Collaborate in specialist research groups with peers and experts such as the Advanced Foresight Analysis Network for team leaders,  and gain insights that will make a difference to your business plan.


Next Academy - Kick-off will be 5th July 2021  

If you want to apply, please submit your application online by 28th June.

Keep in mind that if you apply late, we can’t guarantee the exact date of when you’ll hear back from us with a decision.

Programme fees  £1980 + VAT 

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