Circklo Partners with Portugal’s Largest VC Fund


4 May 2022

Circklo has been formally invited to join the Ignition Partners Network (IPN) run by Portugal Ventures, an alliance that includes major players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem that regularly engages and creates proximity with universities, interface institutes, R&D centres, incubators, and accelerators.

As the first international member of IPN, a large part of Circklo’s remit will include various stage assessments of the start-ups considered attractive for Portugal Ventures’ investment strategy, as well as supporting these start-ups with the right coaching and mentorship components to help them secure further funding.

Mr Pedro de Mello Breyner, Executive Board Member with Portugal Ventures (pictured), said that “Circklo is the first international partner to take part in Portugal Ventures’ Ignition Partners Network, a network that identifies investment opportunities which foster the creation of innovative businesses, merging science and technology with entrepreneurship. With this partnership, we share a common goal: invest in start-ups that want to establish their business in Portugal and, from here, grow their businesses to the world.”

Expressing her delight with this new partnership for Circklo, Ms Maria Morais – Circklo’s Chairwoman – noted that “this partnership we have entered with Portugal Ventures is a further testimony to our commitment to help innovative entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential, to have a very strong and viable business model, and to support them in establishing themselves as highly investable and profitable businesses.”


About Portugal Ventures

Portugal Ventures was founded in 2012 to drive the global success of Portuguese companies, helping them achieve competitiveness goals in all stages of development.

In 2020, Portugal Ventures became part of Banco Portugues de Fomento.

Portugal Ventures invests in pre-seed, seed and Series A start-ups operating in the digital, technology, manufacturing, health tech and tourism sectors.

Since 2012, Portugal Ventures invested more than Euro 177 million in over 180 start-ups.  

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About Circklo

Circklo created the first Business Configurator in the world specialised in digital start-ups for the circular economy.

By bringing together the corporate world and innovative start-ups to collaborate for a lasting positive change and to reach their full potential, Circklo helps accelerate their business objectives towards applying and making the most of the circular economy principles.

Circklo’s Game Changers community offers a safe, highly professional, private, and exclusive space for collaboration, support, advice, and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders, with a focus on digital transformation and sustainability.

Circklo’s Business Configurator programmes offer start-ups exposure to the issues they will face during a venture capital financing, as well as to potential situations these will deal with after raising capital, including 1-to-1 mentorship, coaching and role-playing.

Circklo is the trusted advisor of hundreds of global start-ups when it comes to their pitch readiness, networking with investors and decision makers, term sheets negotiation, start-up valuation and cap tables for fundraising scenarios.

Circklo’s R&D team provides insight, use-case research, and foresight analysis for strategic direction, ensuring any corporate efforts targeting sustainable actions are clear and impactful.  

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