Circular cities for Portugal’s transition to a circular economy model


01 November 2021

On Saturday, October 30th 2021, Vânia Rodrigues – Circklo’s Associate Partner – was invited to attend a Round Table Discussion organised by Circular Economy Club in Porto, Portugal.

Under the headline ‘Circular Cities Week 2021’, the round table event focused on Circular Economy Nets, with particular emphasis on the aggregating power of circular economy networks in Portugal, and how they can leverage this transition in different regions.

Joining our Associate Partner were also Filipa Gouveia from ECOnnect Portugal, Marita Ferro from Between Parallels, Lindsay Wuisan from Circular Economy Portugal and João Feyo from Precious Plastics. The Round Table was moderated by Inês Santos Silva from Aliados Consulting.

Given that Portugal’s Action Plan for the Circular Economy is entitled Leading The Transition and embodies the national strategy aimed at changing the economic paradigm from linear to circular, Circklo’s unique experience and expertise in bringing together the corporate world and innovative start-ups in Impact Tech to collaborate for a lasting positive change to accelerate the world towards a circular economy, was widely welcome by attendees, and officials at this fascinating event.

As Rodrigues well pointed out, “technology enables a faster transformation in circular businesses, unlocking new measurement and tracking capabilities through innovative tech like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and others. Circklo aims to support Europe’s start-up national and regional ecosystems, providing them with tools and training to develop projects alongside the private sector and the local government.”

Circklo believes it is imperative for all sectors of society and wider economy to create opportunities for developing the much-needed ecosystems for circular economy and native ingenuity to thrive, thus allowing for a smooth and fast transition towards technology-driven sustainability.

About Circklo

Circklo created the first Business Configurator in the world specialised in digital start-ups for the circular economy.

In short, Circklo believes that sustainable businesses will provide a thriving economic, social, and environmental ecosystem for a healthy planet. By bringing together the corporate world and innovative start-ups to collaborate for a lasting positive change and to reach their full potential, we help accelerate their world towards applying and making the most of the circular economy principles.

Our Game Changers community offers a safe, highly professional, private, and exclusive space for collaboration, support, advice, and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders, with a focus on digital transformation and sustainability.

This community exists alongside Circklo’s Business Configurator – supporting digital start-ups through practical and transformational mentoring, coaching, and training. Our fee-based, no-equity transformational accelerator develops circular digital businesses for both profit and purpose through our virtual programme of modules. Bespoke pathways to suit the particular needs of each team focus on seeking investment, honing go-to-market strategies or tailored support.

Underpinning all these, Circklo’s R&D team provides insight, use-case research, and foresight analysis for strategic direction, ensuring any corporate efforts targeting sustainable actions are clear and impactful.