From Malaysia to the UK, Food Security and SME Sustainability Reporting Take Center Stage at Pitch Club 8


20 July 2022

After a successful inaugural edition of Circklo’s Pitch Club, the first initiative of its kind in the world where start-ups pitch before a panel of judges made up of start-up founders, investors and business coaches, we were pleased to open our doors to two more outstanding start-ups, with a view to helping them perfect their investor pitches.

The start-ups that appeared before our Pitch Club Judges last week were both SaaS businesses with a very strong focus on food security and SME sustainability reporting. These were:

  1. AgroPro – a start-up set up by a group of computer science students at the International University of Malaya Wales, and 2nd place winners of 2022 Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society competition
  2. SDG Changemakers – a tech-led and data-focused sustainability start-up whose unique methodology and approach lead to the creation of products and services that tackle global challenges such as food security

AgroPro’s Mayzer Mussa (Co-founder and CEO) and SDG Changemakers’ Claire Benson (Co-founder and CEO) presented their investor pitches to Circklo’s judges whose feedback will be collated in a free report addressing their performance during the pitch, including areas of strength and for improvement, competitive analysis/benchmark, and a bespoke fundraising profile.

The Pitch Club competition was held virtually and both start-ups qualified for free membership to Circklo’s exclusive Game Changers Community.

Both AgroPro and SDG Changemakers were scored on:

  • The clarity of the issue/problem that the start-up sought to solve
  • The clarity of the solution proposed to solve the problem
  • The identification of a market and a clear buyer for the solution proposed
  • Their ability to present fact-based assumptions to a panel of potential investors
  • The credibility and market readiness of their product/service
  • The credibility and strength of the presenter

Signing up to take part in Circklo’s Pitch Club is absolutely free of charge, and this initiative is fully aligned to Circklo’s philosophy to constantly provide new avenues for start-up founders across the world to support each other’s growth in a safe and supportive environment.

Applications for Circklo’s Pitch Club are open to all founders and co-founders whose start-ups are either in pre-seed, seed or Series A stages, irrespective of where they are based, so we would therefore like to invite any start-up that is ready to test their pitch/demo with us to apply!

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