Circklo Business Coaches & Mentors

Bert Van Kerkhoven

Venture Capital

Charles Nicholls

Director and trustee at The Carbon Community

David Landsman

Tech Ecosystem Strategy

Jade Huang

CEO, Fashion tech. Data Geek


Jenn VandeZande

Editor in Chief, Content Strategy
Thought Leadership, SEO

Jennifer De Maria

Senior Talent Market Researcher 

Joerg Koesters

Global Technology Marketing Executive

John Hill

CIO & SVP, Business Planning 

Lisa James

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Marco D'Attanasio

MacroEconomy, Purpose and Sustainability 

Margot Heiligman

Director, Social Media Strategy 

Olga Kotsur

CEO: Enabling Digital Capabilities In-Store

Paul John Bakker

Global Enterprise Solutions 

Peter Fisk

Global thought leader, bestselling author, academic professor and expert consultant

Philip Mossop

Circular Economy, Early stage Investor

Sandeep Nalgundwar

Executive Vice President System integration

Dr. Thomas Vetter

CEO, Software Industry Leader

Vince Pizzoni

Environmental Engineer

Yasmin Sharp

Ecosystem Partnerships

Maria Morais

Business Strategy and Circular Economy Innovation

Giuseppe Di Cecio

MacroTrends and Scale Up Investments 

Ella Minty

Research - Qualitative & Quantitative

Matt Durston

Brand Strategy and Design Thinking