Aimed at seed and series A start-ups

Pitch Club runs in a virtual setting and is absolutely free of charge. It takes place behind closed doors - in a safe space, attended only by the panel and Circklo’s core team. Sessions last no longer than 60 minutes with just three start-ups in each one - you have 10 minutes to pitch.

Bring your pitch deck or demo (if you have one) bring your co-founders (if you have any) – but, more importantly, bring a Game Changer’s attitude!

The Benefits

You will be provided with a full report based on your performance  during the pitch, including;

- Areas of strength and for improvement

- Competitive analysis / benchmark 

- Bespoke fundraising profile  

The start-ups who impress will be invited to participate in Circklo’s exclusive Game Changers Community (also at no cost) which includes multinational executives, investors, private equity fund managers, experts in sustainability and circular economy as well as academics and start-up founders from across the globe.

The Panel

For each session the panel includes:

Ella Minty - Communications and Strategic Alliances

Giuseppe DiCeccio - MacroTrends and Scale Up Investments

Guest Judge (a start-up entrepreneur) 

Start-ups taking part in Pitch Club will be scored on:

  • The clarity of the issue/problem that the start-up seeks to solve
  • The clarity of the solution proposed to solve the problem
  • The identification of a market and a clear buyer for the solution proposed
  • Their ability to present fact-based assumptions to a panel of potential investors
  • The credibility and market readiness of their product/service
  • The credibility and strength of the presenter