Sustainability in the FMCG Sector

July 2020

Circklo Sector Reports are designed to help professionals from a variety of backgrounds understand how to implement and scale sustainability within their own companies.

Sector Reports contain research and information defining the state of play in key commercial sectors and offer definitions and practical advice for planning and creating frameworks and processes, understanding resourcing and timelines, implementing activity and measuring results.

Circklo's 2020 FMCG/CPG report takes a close look at the global consumer goods industry, with in-depth case studies to help you understand how the world's most successful businesses manage sustainability. 

This report will help you: 

  • Define the business case for sustainability in your own business
  • Choose goals and set targets that are right for your business
  • Understand the key technologies driving sustainability in the consumer goods industry
  • Gain insight into the people and processes required to drive real change in your organisation
  • Learn from real-world examples, successes and challenges from the largest consumer-facing companies in the world

Access the FMCG/CPG report now and see how sustainability is shaping the future and driving growth in the consumer goods sector.

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