What makes you unique?

Every year, millions of start-ups are set up globally. Every year, millions of start-ups fail. Every year, VCs get thousands of pitches, yet only a dozen of those draws their attention. How do you stand out as a start-up? Why should any investor look at you? Why would any investor trust you with their money?

Very few start-ups have shot up to fame quickly. Even fewer have changed the way we live or interact with one another today – for the better or for the worse. How do you tell the world you are unique and that no other start-up, among the millions of others out there, can do what you do?

How do you deliver on what an investor is looking for, and how do you leverage the various ecosystems that are available to you? Why is your business well positioned to create an impact?

To have a chance to “make-it” in the exceptionally overcrowded start-up space, you need to be tech savvy and digitally native. You will not scale up, nor have a significant impact, if you create a walking cupcake or another scented candle; while you may find plenty of customers for your cupcakes and candles, there is only that much market share you can grab, and only so many people who can afford to buy your cupcakes or smell your candles.

You should know by now that the first thing investors are looking at is your ability to scale and offer them a healthy return on investment; secondly, the less resource intensive you are (let alone overheads!), the more attractive you become.

Who would not choose to invest in a high yield – low risk business? Wouldn’t you?

Why are you special? What is that one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd? How do you leverage everything that technology has to offer so that your customers/clients become hooked? How can you replicate that technology for other sectors? What improvements – especially when it comes to supply chain issues or resource minimisation – can your solution bring?

What does your story, as a founder, tell about you? How does your story permeate through your business model, and how committed are you to stick to the business through all its highs and lows? 

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